Name: Jevgenijs Tjutrins
Hometown: Ventspils, Latvia

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Info: Originally born and raised in a small town Ventspils, Latvia, at age of 18 moved to the capital - Riga to do his B. Sc in chemistry at University of Latvia. He completed his Honours project in 2010 under supervision of Dr. Juris Meija ( National Research council of Canada). During his years of Undergraduate studies he worked at University of Latvia as a lab assistant as well as worked at Latvian institute of Organic chemistry doing research on potent NMDA receptor antagonists. In 2010 Jevgenijs moved to Montreal to pursue his career in academia working with the group of professor Arndtsen at McGill university. Currently Jevgenijs is working in developing Palladium catalysed synthesis of imidazoles from imines, arylhalides and carbon monoxide. In free time Jevgenijs enjoys traveling and is most of the time excited about engaging in some adventures.


Project description:  Palladium Catalyzed Carbonylative C-H functionalization of Heterocycles.



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